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This is a non-linear, free course that incorporates a variety of learning materials from many different sources.  You can move about this course in any order you would like and review information as many times as you want.  Proto Communications does not own or claim to own any of the lessons included in this course, but we have roughly organized the content into two categories for your convenience: Public Speaking then, Argumentation and Debate.  This course exists as an Open Education Resource with the understanding that it may not meet your curriculum needs, but is available to be used in any learning capacity you need.

If however you would like a custom course with high-quality demonstration and instructional video content, a quiz bank, progress-tracking capabilities, and assignments, please contact:

The ProtoCommunications team is always ready and excited to help you create more class time by incorporating a “flipped-classroom” style of learning, allowing you to utilize in-class time for concept application and in-depth discussions.  With over 40 video-lessons that can be organized to match your curriculum, you are sure to find what you need!